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Promotion system

Savot a posted Sep 5, 13
Hello Admiral Savot/Savvy/Jed here, in late August we voted on and agreed on a new interviewing based promotion system, we didn't post it on the website, sorry for any confusion that this may have caused.

Live long, and prosper
-Admiral Savot/Savvy/Jed

Fleet Recruitment Contest

Beamer a posted Aug 19, 13
Hey guys

As you guys saw on my last post/email, part of the restructure plan involves refining our recruitment policies. Having done so at our last meeting I'm happy to announce that we will be having a contest.

Essentially the person who recruits the most and has those members pass our new 2 week probation period earns 3 lockbox keys, the person in second receiving 2. Also, members successfully recruited will receive 10K EC. The contest starts today and the deadline for recruiting new members for the contest will be the 2nd of September. The winners will be decided by the 9th.

Rules for recruiting people:
*ABSOLUTELY NO BLIND INVITES OR SPAMMING. This tends to backfire enormously and it really hurts us in the long run.
*Recruit people who are mature and sociable. This is our basic guideline for what kind of members GF is looking for; people not meeting these guidelines are not likely to pass our probation period.
*Keep a list of people you've recruited, and have them list your name in their member comment on the roster.
*Have fun! This is a friendly competition to help the fleet and to meet new people, not a life and death struggle.

Since our recruiting department (any department for that matter) isn't completely up and running & Ian is just one guy, I figured the entire fleet could pull together and help.

If you guys have any further questions feel free to contact me

Pye I know I said there was a guy who I would try to get into STO, but I tried and failed, seems he just can't get into...

Fleet Restructure plan

Beamer a posted Aug 14, 13
Hey guys,

As most of you are aware, I took a short sabbatical in order to clear my head. I want to apologize for my behavior right before I took my break, it was unfair to you guys and I apologize. That said, during my time away I've formulated a smaller, less drastic plan to rebuild the fleet's infrastructure. The plan is supported by 4 of the 6 staff members in the fleet, and thus has begun moving forward.
The plan is a simple 3 step plan:
*Kick all of our "dead weight"/people who have been gone for a month or more
*Throw out the old recruiting system in favor of interviewing people with certain contribution levels and/or activity levels
*Establish & refine our criteria for recruiting

Along with this theres some stuff I need to make clear. I have been a little too lenient and lax on determining our courses of action, having the entire fleet vote. While I very much value everyone's opinions and will always take them into serious consideration, I will have final say. There will be NO further arguing during fleet meetings, and if it happens, both arguers will be issued a warning and demoted should it continue. There will be absolutely no more guilt-tripping such as "im not getign mah way and im goinna leave!!!!". Truth be told, this has been stated in our fleet rules and if you're going to act that immature, I don't want you here. I apologize for my bluntness, but it needs to be said.

It's my hope that this will help get the fleet back on track and also get us back to our basics. While I'm hoping this plan will succeed in getting us back to where we were, it's going to take all of our current players to get things rolling again. We need people with us now to actively participate with people in our fleet or we will not go anywhere. We have a lot of potential, and I would like to see us reach it :)

Grand Admiral Beamer

Fleet Meeting Tomorrow

Beamer a posted Jul 26, 13
We will be having a Fleet meeting tomorrow at 3:30 PM (1530) PSTat the Fleet Starbase AKA: Watchtower. (please check the events page for your timezone.
This meeting is Mandatory
We will be discussing how to rebuild the fleet and will require most if not all of the fleet to attend. Major decisions will be reached at this meeting so I cannot underscore how essential it is for everyone to attend. If Real Life interferes then you may be counted as excused, however please let one of the staff know beforehand if this is the case. If you do not show up for any other reason you will be demoted in the fleet or otherwise punished.

-See you there
Grand Admiral /Ambassador Beamer
Mr. Scott It's 6:30 and I'm still patching, slow connection and it sucks!
We are close to finishing a lot our upgrades on the Dil Mine and Embassy, Our Embassy will become Tier III (Max) while our dil mine after the Tier I Development Upgrade will become Tier I. 

After we finish the above mentioned upgrades we will focus our efforts back onto the starbase to get about 4k Exp for the Military and about 5k Exp for the Engineering sections, once we achieve those then we will Focus on catching up the science section which has fallen behind. 

May I also remind you, Once we get Tier IV  Military You unlock access to several Vice admiral ships (Both fleet and regular) Like the Aquarius destroyer (below).

Anyone notice the spam numbers above the name?

Live long, and Prosper
--Admiral Savot/S'Val/Jed/Savvy, Fleet Holdings Leader.
Ian a Here is a list of what will be available in the Fleet stores has we reach Tier 4 in each of the 3 queues: Military: Boo...